1. Create a Village

Parents, friends or family members, create a village to support a child you know - a daughter, son, niece or nephew or grandchild. Villages are private by default and a new member must be invited by the village chief (typically a parent/guardian.)

2. Invite Friends & Family

The ecoMUKTI web application now connects members of this virtual village, as a tool that fosters real world interactions so you can be a part of the child's journey through childhood.

3. Participate in a Childhood

Any member of the village create campaigns/events for various occasions such as the child's birthday, holidays, special occasions etc. You can pool money to collectively purchase experiences, contribute ideas, and stay connected via regular interactions both online and offline. Your village can virtually participate in your child's life, even from miles away.

Success Stories

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  • Conquering the Fear of Water

    Vyom’s dad feared the water--a fear he did not want to pass on. So when Vyom was six months, his parents enrolled Vyom in the American Swim Academy,

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  • Just an Infant, Amiya Learns to Swim

    Did you know swimming comes easier than walking? That’s true for Amiya, whose mother ran a campaign on ecoMUKTI for her first birthday. Before she could properly walk,

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  • Evan’s Outdoor Classroom

    When Evan turned four on the Spring Equinox, his parents and baby brother Isan wanted to do something that would invite their virtual village to participate.

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  • Ellie Can Sing!

    When Ellie turned 5, they wanted to do something a little different than a traditional gift registry. They wanted to invest in and support in her natural talent as a singer, dancer, and natural musician.

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  • Experience the Outdoors with Vyom

    For Vyom's first birthday in February, his dad wanted to celebrate the occasion by involving extended family and friends but they live around the country (and around the world).

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  • Anisa Plays Soccer

    As a child growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens, four-year old Anisa was inspired by the world around--but more than anything, she wanted to move, which is difficult in an urban environment. But Anisa’s parents were determined to make it happen.

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  • Vyom’s turning two and the fun continues

    Vyom is two years old now and time is flying fast...he is continually learning and improving his skills. His recent four month stay in India involved outdoors, travel and people that really engaged with him - thanks to them having been a part of his virtual village.

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  • Welcome Elijah

    Elijah’s parents created a virtual village for him when he was around eight months old. They did not want to collect more toys in their household but instead were already thinking about Elijah's dreams, experiences, and education.

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  • Hema the budding badminton star

    Hema showed interest in learning badminton after watching her dad teach young children the sport. Her virtual village came together to be apart of this experience.

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