Frequently Asked Questions

What is ecoMUKTI Gifts?

A service which allows friends and family to come together as a village and gift experiences to a child thus invest in their development.

I have received an invitation to contribute to a village; do I need to sign up?

No. You may use your existing PayPal account to contribute to a village to which you have been invited.

Why should I sign up?

Signing up allows you to post villages and receive funds from your village.

Do I need to register or may I use other id’s to sign in?

You may use Google + or Facebook id’s at the moment, and we’re constantly adding more.

How does it benefit me?

As a registered user and parent posting a village for your child, you get to channel the power of your village.

As a donor in a child’s village, you invest in a child and make the best investment of your life. You help build a better future and will find happiness.

Why use this service?

Everyday thousands of pounds of barely-used plastic, electronics, and other non-recyclable materials are thrown in landfills, only to heat up our planet.  Many of us have experienced buying a brightly packaged toy, only to see a child lose attention and discard it after a few minutes of playing.  More than anything, children seek an opportunity to use their mind, heart, hands, and legs, to build, create, and inspire.  ecoMUKTI Gifts allows family and friends to come together and gift experiences that would last a lifetime.

Why a village?

We don’t think location should get in the way with connecting to tomorrow’s leaders.  In a world that is increasingly mobile, with a generation that is tech-savvy, we understand what it means to be far away from friends and family. Our online, child-friendly platform allows a user to forge meaningful relationships through exchanging stories, pictures, and videos.  Most of all because the user is invested, financially and emotionally, into the activity, there is opportunity to track progress and build long-term relationships.

How much does it cost?

The service is free for donors. Recipients pay a nominal annual subscription fee and can choose to do so as a lump sum or as they go.

What is the monthly contribution?

Coming Soon.

How does ecoMUKTI’s service protect a child’s privacy?

Parents and guardians are the only ones authorized, now, to post a village for your child. You determine who is added to a village: typically chosen from people in your real-world community (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, friends of the family etc.) As a parent or caretaker, you have complete access to this account. You can at any time, approve or disapprove users associated with a village. You are in the driver’s seat and decide what is appropriate to post online and determine the nature of the interactions.  You can, for example, restrict the posting of photos or videos, or enable a privacy code. We respect children’s safety as our highest priority. Please consult our privacy policy for more details.

Is there a limit to how many adult users can be connected to a child’s profile?

There is no limit to how many adult users can invest in a child’s talent or skills; however there is a maximum limit of 20 people who a child may be in regular communication with at any given time. This number is set, by appreciating that it takes time for mentorship and trust-building and information exchange. Because we value the nature of these interactions, we recommend each child limit their interactions to 20 adult users.

Can I sponsor any village on this site?

No, the interaction must be initiated by the owner of a village (typically a parent, guardian, friend or family member). Donors or members of the child’s village must be family members, neighbors or part of their friend circle. This is to ensure the child’s best interest at all times.

Can I post a village for someone else?

Yes. For safety reasons however, we do not allow un-verified, first time users to post villages for somebody else. In this case, your village must be approved by the person on whose behalf it is being conducted. Please note, once the village is close, management of the vent will be turned over to that person.

Who can post a village?

Only registered users may post villages for themselves. Villages may also be posted on somebody’s else behalf but it must first be verified and approved by that person. Funds will transfer directly to that person.

I am a grandparent and wish to be added to my grandchild’s approved list, so I may directly post villages in the future.

Parents can approve someone in their village to post villages on their behalf. This along with being a verified user will allow you to post villages on behalf of someone else. Remember, when the village closes, management of the village will revert to the person on whose-behalf the village was conducted.

How do you verify the age of the person posting villages?

We do not verify who is posting a village, at the moment, per our terms of service; you represent and warrant that you are 18 yrs. or older when you sign up. We plan to roll out a suite of id verification tools in subsequent iterations.

Do you moderate what kinds of villages are posted?

No. All villages are community moderated (i.e. your village decides on whether or not to support each villages.) The service may be used to fund art projects, educational development or even entrepreneurial ventures. We may in the future decide to moderate villages.

I received an invitation for a village. May I forward it to someone else?

Yes. We do not limit how many times an invite is forwarded. Forwarding an invite will certainly allow more people to contribute to a village. However, you must know that this is not the way a village works – we hope to foster a community with more one-on-one interactions.

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    For Vyom's first birthday in February, his dad wanted to celebrate the occasion by involving extended family and friends but they live around the country (and around the world).

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  • Vyom’s turning two and the fun continues

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    Elijah’s parents created a virtual village for him when he was around eight months old. They did not want to collect more toys in their household but instead were already thinking about Elijah's dreams, experiences, and education.

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