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ecoMUKTI Gifts is a start-up with a mission to invest in children's talents and dreams. Our village model is simple: family and friends come together in a village and provide children with the opportunity to realize their potential in a sport, art or life experience. You can join parents, friends and family and become part of their village. From here the village helps raise the child: listen, cheer and simply be a support, sometimes pooling resources to gift experiences that will help raise a creative and inspired child. From yoga to karate, calculus to clarinet, you will soon be able to find a safe, Mom-approved vendor in your neighborhood.

Why we do what we do!
  • We believe that it is our collective responsibility to raise creative, inquisitive, and healthy children, who will nurture their communities and the planet.
  • We believe that children who are empowered in the creative arts, health and wellness, and critical thinking have the power to transform their lives and the world.
  • We don't think geography should get in the way, so we provide easy to use tools to help you connect with tomorrow's leaders.
  • We not only have hope in the next generation; we have a stake in their success.

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Prashanth Jeevan Kumar

Prashanth is a nature enthusiast and co-founded ecoMUKTI Gifts in 2013, upon the birth of his son Vyom, and out of a desire to encourage meaningful gift-giving, that can inspire children's curiosity and creativity while conserving natural resources. Prashanth firmly believes that technology can be a powerful tool to organize communities and bring about social good. He began his career designing and implementing key features of Satyam's "SearchPad", a home-grown, web-based search and research product. Over the past decade, he has managed several large Java / Oracle based IT projects. Prashanth has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from BMSCE, Bangalore.

Roy Sirengo

Roy has over a decade of experience managing environmental risk for Fortune 500 firms. He brings expertise with data modeling, managing stakeholder relationships, marketing and business development, leading teams and using technology to achieve strategic business goals. Roy has founded two other sustainability focused, technology startups and currently oversees ecoMUKTI's day to day operations. Roy attributes his love for the environment from his time spent in the Nilgiri Mountains in South India, and created ecoMUKTI Gifts as a way to remain connected with nieces and nephews that live across the country and world. Roy has a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore, an ME from University of Florida and is currently enrolled in a Sustainable MBA program at Green Mountain College.

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Success Stories

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  • Conquering the Fear of Water

    Vyom’s dad feared the water--a fear he did not want to pass on. So when Vyom was six months, his parents enrolled Vyom in the American Swim Academy,

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  • Just an Infant, Amiya Learns to Swim

    Did you know swimming comes easier than walking? That’s true for Amiya, whose mother ran a campaign on ecoMUKTI for her first birthday. Before she could properly walk,

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  • Evan’s Outdoor Classroom

    When Evan turned four on the Spring Equinox, his parents and baby brother Isan wanted to do something that would invite their virtual village to participate.

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  • Ellie Can Sing!

    When Ellie turned 5, they wanted to do something a little different than a traditional gift registry. They wanted to invest in and support in her natural talent as a singer, dancer, and natural musician.

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  • Experience the Outdoors with Vyom

    For Vyom's first birthday in February, his dad wanted to celebrate the occasion by involving extended family and friends but they live around the country (and around the world).

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  • Anisa Plays Soccer

    As a child growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens, four-year old Anisa was inspired by the world around--but more than anything, she wanted to move, which is difficult in an urban environment. But Anisa’s parents were determined to make it happen.

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  • Vyom’s turning two and the fun continues

    Vyom is two years old now and time is flying fast...he is continually learning and improving his skills. His recent four month stay in India involved outdoors, travel and people that really engaged with him - thanks to them having been a part of his virtual village.

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  • Welcome Elijah

    Elijah’s parents created a virtual village for him when he was around eight months old. They did not want to collect more toys in their household but instead were already thinking about Elijah's dreams, experiences, and education.

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  • Hema the budding badminton star

    Hema showed interest in learning badminton after watching her dad teach young children the sport. Her virtual village came together to be apart of this experience.

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