We make it possible for anyone to gift an experience to a child or young adult.

Friends and family become the village and participate in key childhood moments.

The village champions long-term development of the child via experiences, time and skill-sharing.

We believe that it is our collective responsibility to raise curious, creative and healthy children.

Experiences last a lifetime and impact a child far more profoundly than material things.

Gifts of time, experiences and skills are more fun and useful for all; and reduce environmental impact.

Create a village and collectively contribute towards long-term experiences.

Visit the experience marketplace for unique, handpicked experiences.

Stay connected, share, participate; never miss another important childhood moment.

Gifting Experiences

How It Works

Create a Village

​Parents, friends or family members, create a village to support a child - a daughter, son, niece or nephew or grandchild. Villages are private by default and a new member must be invited by the village chief (typically a parent/guardian.)

Invite friends and family

​​Members of this virtual village are now connected via our web application that fosters real world interactions so you can be a part of the child's journey through childhood.

Share and participate in a childhood

​Members can pool money to collectively purchase experiences, contribute ideas, and stay connected via regular interactions both online and offline. The village can virtually participate in your child's life, even from miles away.

Success Stories

Conquering the Fear of Water

Having missed an opportunity for me to be part of my niece and nephew's childhood experiences ...

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Evan's Outdoor Classroom

When Evan turned four on the Spring Equinox, his parents and baby brother Isan wanted to do something

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Amiya Learns to Swim

Did you know swimming comes easier than walking?

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Experience the Outdoors

We would love to have Vyom experience the outdoors instead of dealing with a whole lot of under utilized toy's.

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Ellie Can Sing!

When Ellie turned 5, they wanted to do something a little different

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Anisa Plays Soccer

As a child growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens, four-year old Anisa

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Roy Sirengo

Roy Sirengo

Founder and Former CEO

Roy is an artist, engineer and entrepreneur in no particular order. He started ecoMUKTI Gifts as a way to remain connected with nieces and nephews that live across the country and world. He began his career in sales and customer support at a large, petrochemical trading firm in Dubai and brings nearly 15-years of experience in marketing, data modeling, stakeholder relationship management, business development and team leadership. He enjoys singing, yoga and meditation and the compounding power of random acts of kindness.

Prashanth Jeevan Kumar

Prashanth Jeevan Kumar

Co-Founder and CTO

Prashanth is a nature enthusiast and has camped/hiked in various places from Blue Mountains to Mt. Kilimanjaro to the Amazon. He co-founded ecoMUKTI Gifts upon the birth of his son Vyom and out of a desire to encourage meaningful gift-giving that can inspire children's curiosity and creativity while conserving natural resources. Prashanth believes that technology can be a powerful tool to organize communities and bring about social good. He began his career designing and implementing key features of Satyam's "SearchPad", a home-grown, web-based search and research product. Over the past decade, he has managed several large Java / Oracle based IT projects. Prashanth has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from BMSCE, Bangalore.

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